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I come to check on LJ after not looking for a good year or so, and what do I see on my friends list? Nothing but a stream of what people have been posting on twitter.


That's seriously pissing on this sites grave. Trying to make onlookers aware of how little you're writing on another site.

I'm going back to blogger. ;_;

WoW 3.3.5

It's patch day, and that means, we can talk to each other across servers/chars using the new RealID system!

If you want to add me, my e-mail is Mattyxe at gmail doot cooom

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You know, I don't think I'm angry enough to warrent having this LJ account, you all put me to shame with your pure fury over the smallest niggles.

I just too full of love, hugs and Tesco Kick.


What is Anime?

Carly Brown is an absolute BLAAAAAAAAANKER!

You see you, Caz? You see yourself in the mirror? Take a good looooong look at yourself and say "I am a total blanker". There I was on george street, near PC world, waiting for me number 21 bus. When who should come strutting down the street? Only little miss Barry Burton herself, striding her way along to the dole office.

So I think to myself, "Oh hey, it's Caz, maybe I should give her a wave and say hello?". So I do, and then it happens, a point-blank blank to the face.


I mean, take a good look:

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Absolutely shocking! You should be ashamed!

2008 Review

It’s been a bloody long time since I wrote anything here. But I think I’ll join in with this end of review meme that’s going about like the clap.

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I hope everyone is doing well though! Alhough I may not post that often, I have been reading everyone elses LJ's on an almost daily basis.

Take care all, and have a good new years eve. ^_^

Somethings wrong when...

Dear readers,

I have recently found, that my furry friends have taken a rather delicate appetite. While we were having pasta tonight, they were munching on steak pie, an omelette made with curly kale, sweetcorn and rice - alongside a carefully picked and diced choice of vegtables.

How is it that those furry mouthes now eat as well (if not better) than we do?